Irregular verbs for the exam next week

Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle be was / were been begin began begun do did done eat ate eaten get got got / gotten give gave given go went gone have had had make made made put put put read read read see saw seen take took taken tell told told     Do youContinue reading “Irregular verbs for the exam next week”

Stative Verbs

¿No entiendes lo que es esto de los “stative verbs” que mencioné hoy en clase? Echa un vistazo a esta página que tiene una buena explicación en castellano de este concepto:

Rockin’ English: The Present Simple

Do you want to study the present simple and the daily routine? Check out (echa un vistazo a): Affirmative: Daily Routine: Questions and short answers:

The Past Simple

¿Quieres repasar el pasado simple? El British Council tiene dos páginas para ti: VERBOS REGULARES: VERBOS IRREGULARES: No olvides hacer las actividades de CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR que están al final de la página. ¿Por qué? Es para ver si has entendido la lección. Son actividades interactivas y eso te permite saber inmediatamente siContinue reading “The Past Simple”

Present Simple

Do you want to review what we learned in class today? Here are two other explanations of the Present Simple: (in Spanish) (in English). Try any of the exercises listed under “Simple Present” to test your knowledge about this tense! Good luck!

“Hay” (Present): There is / There are

Do you want to practice what we studied in class today? Check out the explanation of “there is / there are” at: Exercises to practice there is/there are: Mixed: Affirmative: Questions:

Reviewing “There + to be” and “It”

Do you get confused when “There” or “It” are used as the subjects of a sentence? In my experience, many native Spanish speakers have a difficult time with the haber -> there + to be structure. If you do, check out this great little lesson from the British Council: It and There. They have aContinue reading “Reviewing “There + to be” and “It””

Adverbs of Manner

Hello! So, you would like to learn more about adverbs of manner? Awesome! Here are two great resources for you. The British Council has a brief explanation of the topic. The best part of this page is that they have four separate interactive exercises to help you practice! Check out English Club has anContinue reading “Adverbs of Manner”