eTwinning Course: Week 3 – Objectives

In this assignment, we have been asked to answer the following questions: Do you have an idea but are unsure about how to develop it? Want to compare your project with others? Do you think it is possible to share ideas and suggestions with colleagues? Do you have some questions about any subject? Yes, IContinue reading “eTwinning Course: Week 3 – Objectives”

eTwinning SPOOC: Week 2, Assignment 2

Hello! Here’s my blog post for the second part of this week’s homework. In this post, I must answer the following questions: What needs or areas of improvement and learning have I detected in my teaching? What projects have I found that might help me? 1. The needs or areas of improvement that I haveContinue reading “eTwinning SPOOC: Week 2, Assignment 2”

2nd ESO: Unit 8

Hello! Here are some resources to help you review the concepts we’ve learned in Unit 8: Explanation of for vs. since In English In Spanish (hacia el final del artículo) Explanation of the present perfect vs. past simple: Practice! Interactive exercises: For vs. since 1 For vs. since 2 PDF Exercise – For vs. Since: Continue reading “2nd ESO: Unit 8”

4th ESO: Reported Speech

Hello! I know it’s difficult, so here are some resources to help you study. Explanation IN SPANISH:   Part 1     Part 2   READ BOTH CAREFULLY Video explanation with exercises (in English)   PDF Exercises: (Answers on page 2) Reported Speech Reported Questions Interactive exercises:


Here is some information to help you review conditional sentences. Si prefieres estudiar este tema en castellano (os entiendo, es chungo…) echa un vistazo a: PRACTICE! Let’s start with two easy activities. Kahoots! Remember: I can see the results to these. 1. First conditional (If + present simple + will) 2. Second conditional (IfContinue reading “Conditionals”

Unit 7 Exam: 2nd ESO

Hello! Here’s some information to help you study for the Unit 7 exam: Vocabulary: Memrise list: Grammar: Explicación en ESPAÑOL del presente perfecto: Parte 1: Parte 2:  

Unit 7 Exam

Hello! Here’s some information to help you study for the Unit 7 exam: Vocabulary: Memrise: Grammar: Explicación EN ESPAÑOL de los pronombres indefinidos: Answers to the indefinite pronoun worksheet: (look at page 2): Explicación EN ESPAÑOL del futuro continuo: