Monday, October 23, 2017

Listening: Do the activities to check if you understood: Past Speaking: Past Simple and Continuous and Homework: 1. Travel Guide 2. Writing: Choose one of the destinations listed and write an e-mail to me explaining why you want to go there. (Info on how to write an e-mail, explained en español: Cómo escribirContinue reading “Monday, October 23, 2017”

October 20, 2017: Past simple, past continuous, and used to

We reviewed the past simple, past continous and “used to” today in class. Here’s information in Spanish about these three concepts: Past simple: Past continous: Used to: El uso de USED TO con la canción «Somebody That I Used to Know» Lyrics training for “used to”: Past simple and past continuous:Continue reading “October 20, 2017: Past simple, past continuous, and used to”