Here is some information to help you review conditional sentences. Si prefieres estudiar este tema en castellano (os entiendo, es chungo…) echa un vistazo a: PRACTICE! Let’s start with two easy activities. Kahoots! Remember: I can see the results to these. 1. First conditional (If + present simple + will) 2. Second conditional (IfContinue reading “Conditionals”

Unit 7 Exam

Hello! Here’s some information to help you study for the Unit 7 exam: Vocabulary: Memrise: Grammar: Explicación EN ESPAÑOL de los pronombres indefinidos: Answers to the indefinite pronoun worksheet: (look at page 2): Explicación EN ESPAÑOL del futuro continuo:

Unit 4 exam – 3rd ESO – Winter 2018

Hello! Your unit 4 exam is on Thursday, February 8. Vocabulary: Memrise list for Mosaic 3, Unit 4 Grammar: Present perfect with: for, since, already, yet, still, ever, never and just Past simple vs. present perfect Subject questions and object questions   Activity about the present perfect with already and yet For and since EverContinue reading “Unit 4 exam – 3rd ESO – Winter 2018”

3rd ESO – Unit 3 Exam – January 2018

Hello! Your exam for Unit 3 will be on Thursday, January 18. Grammar: 1. Present perfect 2. For vs. since 3. Already, still, yet Vocabulary: Unit 3 Memrise for Unit 3: I have posted some worksheets for you on Edmodo to help you study. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail orContinue reading “3rd ESO – Unit 3 Exam – January 2018”

Kahoot!s to study: 3rd ESO, fall term exam

Hello! Did you enjoy playing Kahoot today? Here are the links: Modal verbs: (We didn’t do this one in class. PLEASE study it!) Present simple and continuous: Irregular verbs: Past simple:   Good luck! If you have any questions or problems, please tell me.  

Unit 2 Exam – 2017 – 3rd ESO

The Unit 2 exam will be on Thursday, November 16. Please study page 31 of your student’s book. Grammar: too / too much / too many enough past simple (regular AND irregular) past continous when/while verb + ing verb + to Vocabulary: the memrise list for Unit 2 is available by clicking here opinion adjectivesContinue reading “Unit 2 Exam – 2017 – 3rd ESO”