2nd ESO: Unit 8

Hello! Here are some resources to help you review the concepts we’ve learned in Unit 8: Explanation of for vs. since In English In Spanish (hacia el final del artículo) Explanation of the present perfect vs. past simple: Practice! Interactive exercises: For vs. since 1 For vs. since 2 PDF Exercise – For vs. Since: Continue reading “2nd ESO: Unit 8”

Unit 7 Exam: 2nd ESO

Hello! Here’s some information to help you study for the Unit 7 exam: Vocabulary: Memrise list: https://www.memrise.com/course/1953409/eso-english-2o-eso-unit-7/ Grammar: Explicación en ESPAÑOL del presente perfecto: Parte 1: https://www.aprendeinglessila.com/2013/04/el-presente-perfecto-en-ingles-part-1/ Parte 2: https://www.aprendeinglessila.com/2013/04/presente-perfecto-2/  

Unit 4 exam – 2nd ESO – Winter 2018

Hello! Your unit 4 exam will be on Wednesday, February 7. Vocabulary: Memrise List: Pulse 2, Unit 4 Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives A / an / some / any A lot of / much / many Comparatives and superlatives video and exercises (OJO: Los ejercicios están al final de la página, en “Check your grammar“)Continue reading “Unit 4 exam – 2nd ESO – Winter 2018”

Unit 3 Exam – January 2018 – 2ºESO

Hello! Your Unit 3 exam is on Wednesday, January 17. Vocabulary: Unit 3 Here’s the link to the Memrise to help you study the vocabulary for unit 3: https://www.memrise.com/course/1802938/eso-english-2o-eso-unit-3/ Grammar: Past simple and past continuous If you want to study, here are some worksheets to help you: Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Also, remember that onContinue reading “Unit 3 Exam – January 2018 – 2ºESO”

2nd ESO: 2017 – Fall Final Exam

Here are some tips to help you study for the fall final exam: Do the activities for these grammar points: Present simple Present continuous Past simple: irregulars Past simple: regulars Do the grammar review on pages 82-87 of your workbook. Review the vocabulary on Memrise: Unit 1 Unit 2 Play the Kahoot for Unit 2.Continue reading “2nd ESO: 2017 – Fall Final Exam”

Unit 2 Exam – 2017 – 2nd ESO

Hello! As you know, the exam for Unit 2 will be on Friday, November 17. Please study page 29 of the student’s book. Grammar: Past simple (regulars and irregulars, especially was/were and could) Vocabulary: Literature and professions. The Memrise list is available here. Writing: A review   If you have any questions, you can askContinue reading “Unit 2 Exam – 2017 – 2nd ESO”

Unit 1 Exam – Fall 2017 – 2nd ESO

Hello! Your exam for Unit 1 will be on Friday, October 20. Study the vocabulary and grammar on page 19 of your Student’s Book. You can use Memrise to study the vocabulary: http://www.memrise.com/course/1675335/ Each exam we do will have the following sections: Listening Reading Writing Vocabulary Grammar Good luck studying! If you have any questions,Continue reading “Unit 1 Exam – Fall 2017 – 2nd ESO”