Hello! My name is Helen and I’m an English teacher working in the north of Spain. While I am originally from the United States, I spent four years studying in Canada and have lived in Spain since 2008.

Apart from working as a secondary school English teacher here, I have also been a Language and Culture Assistant and a Profesora Visitante in Spain and would be more than happy to answer any of your questions if you have them! I also worked for three years in the private sector, teaching children of all ages in an academy setting and teaching business English in companies around the region. I have experience preparing students for the Cambridge Exams, from A1 (Young Learners) to B2. I have the Proficiency (C2) certificate in English from Cambridge as well as the DELE Superior (C2) certificate in Spanish from the Instituto Cervantes.

I studied Hispanic Studies and Political Science at Mount Allison University in Canada. I am certified to teach at the secondary level in Spain. I also have the “Expert in CLIL Methodology” certificate from the UNIR. I am currently working on my degree in primary education, with certifications in general primary, English and special education.

I am particularly interested in special educational needs in the field of EFL.


My badges from the professional development courses I have taken online

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