eTwinning Course: Week 3 – Reflections on my Self Assessment

Hello! This assignment requires us to:

Taking into account the self-assessment of the collaborative project draft you have completed in the previous activity, write a post in your learning journal explaining the most common strengths and weaknesses you have spotted when self-evaluating it, and explaining to what extent you think that all this activity will be useful to prepare the final version of the project.

The strenghts I identified in my self-assessment of the project were:

  • The project requires students to produce a shared final product, based on information that they have shared between partners.
  • It’s aimed at cultural understanding between countries.
  • I think it’s relatively unique.
  • It incorporates art, English, and cultural studies.

The weaknesses I identified were:

  • I must be more specific about the integration of the project in the curriculum.
  • I must find a way to have all of our students work more collaboratively at an international level. I am still “stuck” at the school level; my project focuses on classmates working together based on information shared by their European peers.


The act of reflecting upon my project proposal is enormously helpful. I had not done this before, and it helped me to identify what the characteristics of a quality project are.

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