eTwinning Course: Week 3 – Mindmap

Here’s my very basic outline of a project idea:

Target Market Mind Map

The final aim of this project is to create a graphic novel about adventures in the countries of each participating school. After introducing ourselves and allowing the students to choose the topics and tools to use, each school will elaborate a brief travel guide about their country to share with their peers. After receiving the travel guide, each school will create a comic about an adventure that takes place in one of the countries that our partner schools are from. For example: Spain writes about Greece, Greece writes about Germany, Germany writes about Spain. Each school will be responsible for distributing the tasks amongst their students: writing, editing, researching, planning and artwork. The goal is to make this project as student driven as possible and we will take advantage of tools such as GoogleForms, Twinspace, Padlet, Flipgrid, and any of the various online comic makers to do so.


Self evaluation of this task, based on the rubric provided:

Curricular innovation and integration: 2

Communication and collaboration: 3

Use of technology: 3

Results, impact and distribution: 1

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