eTwinning course: Week 2

This week’s eTwinning SPOOC assignment is:

We suggest you carry out a self-analysis of your teaching practice to detect some key aspects that you would like to improve or where you would like to experiment on. Briefly express these aspects and share them in a new post in your learning journal.


I would really like to improve my teaching practice by better integrating eTwinning opportunities in the classrom. This is my second year of teaching and the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last two years is that teaching is a constant learning process. This year’s eTwinning project did not go well. Our eTwinning partners did not hold up their end of the deal and did not upload any of the projects that they had agreed to do. It was both embarassing and frustrating to me. Also, I’d like to improve upon my evaluation of the work my students do for the eTwinning process.

How can I fix these two aspects that I cited?

First, I’ve already found a project to work on with my 3rd and 4th ESO students next year. I’m really excited about the project because I think it will be interesting for them. Also, the other teacher is new to eTwinning and she seems quite excited and ambitious about the project. Her school is also travelling to the UK next spring and part of our project has to do with the UK trip.

Second, I’ve decided to create rubrics to use to evaluate each of the projects created for our eTwinning work. (As well as other class assignments.) Although they’re a lot of work and can be tough to create, I think rubrics are one of the better evaluation systems that exist because they make things clear to the students and allow them to see what specific aspects worked well and which ones didn’t.

Although this year’s eTwinning work was a flop, I have high hopes for next year!

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