Songs for Children

Some adults find it difficult to tolerate music written for children. I must admit that I am one of these adults. For this very reason, I get excited when I stumble across something that both my youngest students and I really like! I decided to put on some music the other day while my little ones were working on decorating their Easter eggs. That’s when I stumbled across the Super Simple Songs channel on YouTube.

Without further ado, here’s the blog post I promised:

Classic Children’s Songs:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Skidamarink (“I love you”: good for Valentine’s Day)
The Wheels on the Bus

Animal Vocab:
What Do You Hear?
Wag Your Tail (Awesome for actions, “fast”, “slow”, and imperatives)
Yes, I Can! (Also, “can” and short answers)

Food Vocab:
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? (Great for practicing “Do you like___?” & short answers)

Parts of the Body:
My Teddy Bear (Also great for practicing “has”)

Number Vocab:
Counting Bananas
Ten in the Bed
Count and Move

Color Vocab:
I See Something Blue

Clothing Vocab:
Put on Your Shoes

Winter Vocab:
Little Snowflake
I’m a Little Snowman (Body vocab)

Sweet Dreams

This is just a start! Spend some time on Super Simple Songs’ YouTube page. They have a ton of songs available! They also have loads of free resources available on their website. Check out: Super Simple Learning.

Guys, I’m in love! I hope you enjoy their resources as much as I do!

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