Sayings in English: “Red sky at night…”

The sky sure was red here in the Ason River Valley this morning!

There’s a common saying in the US that discusses red skies in the morning and at night. It attempts to explain what the weather will be during the next twenty four hours! It says: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.” I’m not a meteorologist (nor will I ever be able to spell that word on the first try), but I have always believed this saying to be true. Does that mean it is going to rain this afternoon or evening? Who knows! None of the forecasts are calling for rain. That means this saying is probably wrong today.

Two weeks ago, on Monday, we had a beautiful red sunrise around 8 am. I explained the “red sky at night…” saying in class and I was told that it wasn’t true. However, a few hours after I explained it, we had rain showers (chubascos). I wanted to go back to class and say “I told you so!” (¡ya te lo dije!)

If you like science, check out this article: to learn more about red skies and what they mean. Do you think this saying is true?

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